The Attorneys at Pope McMillan are experienced North Carolina personal injury attorneys who represent the rights of those injured in Statesville and other areas of North Carolina. A personal injury claim provides a legal method for those who experience bodily harm caused by another’s “negligence” to recover compensation. Each person owes a duty of care to others. Any person, corporation, or entity can be negligent if they breach that duty of care. Negligent parties are, therefore, legally liable for any injuries caused by their negligence. As an example, drivers breach their duty of care if they drive while impaired, drive recklessly, or violate traffic laws. If any of these actions causes an accident, the offending driver is liable for any damage proximately caused by his negligent actions. This same duty of care exists in many other situations, including when a property owner allows a dangerous condition to exist on his property, a manufacturer makes a defective product, or a Doctor improperly performs a medical procedure. Personal injury can result from all manner of situations. Some of the most common are as follows: Criminal or negligent conduct Dangerous conditions on property Defective products Failure to warn of known danger Injuries in the workplace Motor vehicle accidents Pedestrian and crosswalk accidents Slip-and-fall accidents Sports-related injuries.

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